Scott E Fahlman suggests a use of :) and :( in September, 1982. This happened on a bulletin board at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA. It caught on pretty fast, and in November there were already several variations.

There are many earlier examples of smilies, but this is likely what popularized emoticons as we know them today.

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Phillip Starck, TV Oz, including remote control, 1994. Mahagony, plastic, glass. Made by Telefunken, Germany. Via Quittenbaum.

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Bear In Heaven - “Autumn” (Official Video)

High Definition 4K music video with rich low resolution graphics put together by Peter Burr for Bear In Heaven is a trippy experience. Video embedded below (but watch in the highest resolution possible for best effect):



David Hutton, ‘I’m Glitching!’, 2014, Copyright © 2014 David Hutton, All rights reserved

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