A problematic approach to cultural discourses, but an interesting idea of trying to grapple with the fact of how to we argue with one another and how could one pattern be compatible/incompatible with another.


Samples of dyed felt from a collection of materials used in the preparation of an 18th century French encyclopedia of trades and crafts.

Réaumur, René Antoine Ferchault de, 1683-1757. Manuscripts and illustrations for Descriptions des arts et métiers, 1721-1787.

MS Typ 432.1 (4)

Houghton Library, Harvard University


On this day in 1869 Dmitrii Mendeleev sketched his first draft of the periodic table.  While Mendeleev’s version remains the most common, alternative arrangements include circular, cylindrical, pyramidal, spiral, and triangular layouts.  Indeed, Edward Mazurs chronicled over 140 types in his seminal work, Graphic Representations of the Periodic System over 100 Years! Which one gets your vote?

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This is the system Apple used to test iPhone software in 2006 boingboing.net.